Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Aquatic Technologies specializes in the fabrication of acrylic aquariums. We believe in creating a quality product at a fair price. Some of our innovative fabrications include: bending 3" acrylic materials to whatever angle needed, building an aquarium which is 4" thick and 8 feet tall, forming the acrylic to whatever shape desired by the customer, blowing 8 foot diameter domes for a bubble tank, or bonding panels together to make a 50 foot long aquarium.

As you can see, we are able to satisfy many varied customer requests. We are not restricted by any standard lengths, widths or depths. If your customer wants it we can provide it!

Advanced Aquatic Technologies is not new to aquarium manufacturing as we have been satisfying customers since 1979. Our company was formed to satisfy the nitch that has always been there for custom fabricated aquariums. The TRUVU and SEACLEAR aquarium manufacturers did not want to build custom aquariums and even when they did they either did a poor job and/or they charged an exobidant amount of money. That is where we come in. Our staff has an unparalleled expertise in helping you and/or your customer to design the aquarium, life support system, and cabinetry.

And so, as we move into the second half of this decade and almost into the twenty first century, we can already sense an on going positive change in our industry. People are becoming more sophisticated and demanding an increase in the number of innovative products as well as their quality. Our purpose is to always be the forerunner of that movement. Our commitment is to continue to strive for higher quality, new innovative products, and the best customer service.

Come grow with us, you'll be glad you did. We want your business and we know once you have tried us we will become business partners for a long time to come.

1) Acrylic scratches, why should I purchase an acrylic tank?

Answer: If you know that the acrylic tank will scratch you will tend to take better care of the aquarium. Even if the aquarium does scratch these scratches can easily be taken out with a buffing kit.

2) Doesn't acrylic turn yellow?

Answer: No! Twenty or thirty years ago when acrylic was first introduced to the consumer acrylic it was inferior and not as refined as it is now and tended to yellow over a period of time. In present times the only acrylic of choice for making an aquarium is cell cast acrylic and is 93% optically clear and that is exactly how it stays as long as you own your aquarium.
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